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Safety plan is safe for the month

Entering the June, the weather is getting hotter and hotter, and people are prone to inert psychology. To this end, we Dongfeng Jiahua workshop launched a series of measures to cool down and prevent heatstroke. The safety warning signs were set up in the workshop, which enhanced the awareness of employees' safety, environmental protection and energy saving, and organized some employees to learn the knowledge of environmental protection and energy saving. It is imperative for us to tell our employees that environmental protection and energy conservation are imperative.

In addition, the staff of every team in the workshop can be found from themselves to find out the hidden dangers around them, to find hidden dangers and eliminate hidden dangers as the base point, to carry out self-examination and mutual investigation, to eliminate the staff's paralytic thought, to standardize the safety behavior of the employees and to improve the safety and environmental awareness of the employees as a whole.

For high efficiency lathes, such as roll broaching machines, 153 series broaching machines, car series boring machines. According to the use and operation of the equipment, to find hidden dangers, standardize the operation process, and to the existing problems, the head of each group should first look up the multiple points of the dangerous accident, treat the disease, and do the dangerous and timely elimination in the bud state. The workshop focused on checking the hidden dangers of safety production, accelerating the promotion of occupational hazard control, the implementation of flood control measures and the work of heatstroke prevention and cooling, and also organizing the group leader to participate in the issue of the safety improvement project of the parts company. Looking back on all kinds of industrial accidents occurred in the workshop in recent years, we warn of repeated occurrence of similar accidents, and further excavate and identify dangerous sources and formulate countermeasures.

We will further enhance the safety of the site and create a clean and refreshing working environment for the safety of Dongfeng Jiahua employees.

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