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Ten years sharpening a sword front, frost and snow to give birth to a hundred plum fragrance

She has a fashionable VS hairstyle, a small eye frame, a pair of clear eyes with a youthful spirit, even in the ordinary blue work clothes, people feel she is very beautiful. This is not only because she has lively and bright character, sincere personality, and her loyalty to the enterprise, dedication to the cause and the pursuit of ideals. Because of this, in her 14 years of work, she has gained many honors with diligent sweat and wisdom: for three years, the piston axle bush has been rated as "a heroine post," and has been awarded the title of "excellent employee" for the piston bush company for two years.

To be good at learning is the cornerstone of Yang Yongmei's growth. In order to better meet the needs of her work, she used her spare time to learn the knowledge of mechanical engineering testing technology and constantly improve her theoretical level. Xiao Yang, who constantly draws new knowledge in his work, becomes the fastest employee in the automatic inspection line of piston inspection class. The new multi-function Linear Elliptical measuring instrument and profilometer introduced by the Ministry of quality is one of the fastest learning equipment operations. In the past two years, she has arranged for all the new piston products to be tested. As the heart component of the engine, the piston has a total of 150 new product testing items, involving more than 20 kinds of measuring tools and testing methods. The piston process is complex. However, because the new technology is not mature and the testing means are not complete, it often borrows her product inspection tool for conversion measurement. In order to accomplish this arduous task better, she is skilled in many kinds of examination methods. In the new product testing work, perfect skills. For two years, she has completed the full size testing of the Cummins pistons, Reynolds articulated pistons and the piston of the Dongfeng autonomous brand to meet the requirements of the customers. In 2004, she was hired as an assistant technician by the piston bearing company. She was hired as a professional technical post in 2005 and completed the technician's defense in 2008, and realized her first self transcendence in her life.

Being good at innovation is the ladder of Yang Yongmei's progress. Because piston is an aluminum alloy product, its thermal expansion coefficient is large and sensitive to temperature changes. She was first on the piston of a car and measured the ratio difference of the ideal outer round size at the standard temperature as a reference, to improve the accuracy of the measurement of the piston outer circle size and to eliminate the influence of the temperature on the test results. The accurate measurement of the key dimensions of the piston circle is ensured. In the Reynolds articulated piston development stage, the R & D center required our company to provide 1 Reynolds rehinged pistons for the test, just in stock and 2 finished products, but can not be used in the test, who has no bottom. Because the test of the R & D center requires the piston clearance at 0.05mm, which is obviously stricter than her product standard, the piston's outer diameter is very important. Inspired by the technicians, she took the imported samples with a linear measuring instrument to compare the measurements, and picked out qualified test parts to ensure that the samples were delivered on time.

Careful and meticulous is Yang Yongmei's style of doing things. The detection of new products is like the vanguard on the battlefield. It plays a decisive role in the normal development of new product development. She knows the responsibility of her shoulder and is always careful and careful in the specific operation. She always tries to measure the key project with more than two methods to ensure the quality of the product. Because of Yang Yongmei's earnest and careful work, everyone has gradually developed a good habit of re examination.

In the production stage of C series piston sample, she tested 160 items of C pistons one by one to find out the important unqualified items such as the perpendicularity of the piston center and the perpendicularity of the pin hole, and the first batch of qualified samples were finally submitted by the pistons tested by her. In the test, she carefully and carefully done every step of detection, repeated measurement of key items to ensure the accuracy of the data. The results of each measurement are directly adopted by Cummins company, laying a solid foundation for the identification of PPAP by Cummins company. In the development stage of 4H piston, due to the fact that the volume of piston combustion chamber is not checked, the progress of sample submission is affected. Xiao Yang is in the heart of his eyes. She began to test the relevant data from the semi-finished product, thus mastered the first hand and detailed material, and provided data support for the follow-up improvement of the technical personnel.

To be willing to help people is Yang Yongmei's consistent style. As the saying goes, "the role of a drop of water is limited, and only in the sea can it play a huge role. The strength of one is limited, and only in the collective can we play a better role. As a technical backbone of the group, when she made progress, she also took the initiative to play the role of transmission, help and belt. In her group, she asked to answer her knowledge and experience selflessly to her people, enthusiastically helped his colleagues to improve, and actively participated in the exchange activities of the company organization. In the activity of Metrology inspector skill, she was one of the demonstrators who carried out physical measurement at the meeting. In order to ensure the success of the demonstration, she went to the tooling inspector to borrow various kinds of fixtures and rehearsed them. In the development of the learning class group, she took the initiative to carry out a full size test with a line head, hand in hand to explain, so that it mastered the full size test of the line piston products. At ordinary times, she always actively explore the technical problems with her colleagues, find out the problems, and improve the methods in time. Through unremitting efforts, she makes the colleagues around her together to form a strong, hard - hard unity group, which is well received by the leaders and colleagues of the company.

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